Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Scores of volunteers needed for community projects planned throughout Davidson County
NASHVILLE, Tenn.Keep America Beautiful (KAB) has declared Saturday, April 28, as its first-ever “National Day of Action” for the country’s largest community improvement effort spotlighting 10 cities, including Metro Nashville.
Due to an outstanding record of volunteer engagement year after year, Metro Beautification and Environment Commission (MBEC) -- the KAB affiliate for Davidson County – was chosen as a “Featured Affiliate” and will represent the state of Tennessee for the event.  Other locations selected were Oakland, Calif.; Los Angeles; Cocoa, Fla.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Cobb County, Ga.; Hampton Roads, Va.; Houston, Texas; Shreveport, La.; and Philadelphia.

“We are excited to represent all the terrific affiliates across our great state, and hope to make Tennessee proud,” Veronica Frazier, Metro Beautification & Environment Commission Director, said.  “Our commissioners are hard at work planning multiple clean up projects in communities all over Nashville, and our goal is to recruit 800 volunteers to make this National Day of Action successful. We invite anyone who wants to help to come out on April 28th and join this important volunteer effort.”

Hickory Hollow Mall in Antioch will be the staging area for volunteers to sign in and get their assignments for the day.  In addition, Creative Recycling and MBEC will host an E-Waste Drop Off, Iron Mountain will sponsor a paper shredding event and the Metro Nashville Police Department will host a Pharmaceutical Drop-off at the Mall.  Volunteers are needed to assist with a variety of community projects that day, including:  
·         Riverside Drive Beautification Project & Veterans War Memorial Monument to be refurbished, cleaned and re-dedicated by area veterans groups with a planting project around the memorial plaque.
·         Community Garden - Monroe Street off Rosa Parks Blvd  
·         Community Garden - Mt. Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church,
222 Franklin Limestone Road
Partnerships for both gardens will be the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, First Unitarian Universalist Church, Nashville City Missionary Baptist District Association, BURNT, Vanderbilt University, Metro Councilmember Edith Langster, Mt. Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church and Givens Community Market.  Fruit trees to be planted and compost bins donated by Metro Beautification will be installed on site.  Continuing education on composting will be provided by the Metro Beautification staff.
·         Lakeview Design Center, 455 Rural Hill Rd.  Landscaping update on school campus. Project is to weed, plant and mulch.
·         JFK Middle School, 2087 Hobson Pike.  Project is to weed, plant and mulch, and install stone walking path for students.  Rework relaxation area in school courtyard by adding water plants.
·         Bell Road @ Cane Ridge Rd/Target Dr (in front of Shoney's, Carnival Kia, IHOP, Steak 'N Shake) TDOT and Public Works coordinating project to remove litter, overgrown weeds and shrubbery, and repair fence near I-24 ramps.
·         North Nashville Great American Cleanup National Day of Action - District 21. Join Fisk University students conducting litter pickup along
Buchanan St
, D. B Todd, 18th Av N, 14th Av N and adjoining alleys.
·         Calumet Subdivision Great American Cleanup National Day of Action - District 33. Litter pickup.
·         3rd Annual Woodbine Spring Clean Great American Cleanup National Day of Action - District 16.  Litter pickup.
·         Litter pickup and illegal sign removal sites:  Mt. View Rd/Bell Rd, near Kroger and Mazda Dealership; Mt. View Rd/Old Hickory Bv, off Bell Rd; Hickory Hollow Parkway/Bell Rd; Bell Rd to Nolensville Rd; Ocala to Nolensville Rd; Benzing Rd; Haywood Lane; Linbar Dr; Antioch Pk; Haywood Ln, near exit ramp 57, off I-24  
·         E-Waste Collection by Creative Recycling at Hickory Hollow Mall.
·         Paper Shred Collection by Iron Mountain at Hickory Hollow Mall
·         Pharmaceutical Drop-off by the Metro Nashville Police Department
·         TROY-BILTKeep America Beautiful National Sponsor; Randy Schon will have a tent at Hickory Hollow Mall to display an assortment of Troy-Bilt products and Great Gardens brochures.  A drawing will be held for a TB60AF battery powered trimmer.

To volunteer or learn more about Nashville’s National Day of Action event, call Vickie Ingram, Metro Beautification at 862-8418 or visit www.nashville.gov/pw .

Friday, April 20, 2012

GREEN WEEK at Cedar Pointe Apartments (April 21st – 28th)

Saturday 21st – Nashville’s Earth Day Festival @ Centennial Park – 11:00 – 7:00
The event will feature many exhibits and activities aimed at educating Middle Tennesseans about protecting our environment. With nearly a hundred family-friendly booths, hosted by community groups, environmental organizations and government agencies, will offer fun and exciting hands-on activities for all ages.
Live Entertainment will be available as well as classes and lectures on sustainability and green living. Many items will be given away at various booths such as seeds, plants, and trees. The merchant village will consist of environmentally friendly items such as locally made clothes, organic products, daily-use consumables, and other green items.

When attending the event, please be sure to check out your neighbor, Ashley, at the Shaklee tent.

Sunday 22nd – Earth Day
Monday 23rd – Children’s Activities – 3:30 – 4:30
Let your kids stop by the office after school to learn about their impact on the environment. We’ll work on environmentally friendly crafts and projects such as recycled bird feeders and reclaimed planters.

Tuesday 24th – Recycle It
Handouts will be left on your door detailing the do’s and don’ts of recycling. If you are already a recycler, use this as a guide to fine tune your deposits. If you don’t yet participate in recycling, let this be the kick in the pants you need to begin.

Wednesday 25thGreen Living, Cleaning, and Eating – 6:30 – 7:30
Ashley from Vibrancy Calling will be here to give demonstrations on how you can make a green impact in your own life. She’ll show us different cleaning techniques and products that can be used without all the horrible chemicals we’re used to. And as a special treat, she’ll whip up a batch of green smoothies to be served!

Thursday 26thCommunity Garden Q&A – 7:00 – 8:00
Swing by the office after work to ask your questions regarding the possible implementation of our community garden and meet other residents interested in joining this project. Plus, a master gardener from Color Burst Landscapes will be available to help us with the community garden and your balcony garden. This is a unique opportunity to pick the brain of someone specially trained to grow the perfect tomato!

Friday 27thSwag Swap / Pricing Party (BYOB)– 7:00 – 8:00
Bring your unwanted clothing and accessories to this event to exchange with other residents and friends. This is an opportunity for you to clear out your closet and fill it again with “new to you” stock!

Yard Sellers, pricing your products is horrifically boring isn’t it? Well, lets make a party out of it and have a little fun.

Saturday 28th – Great American Clean Up – 8:00 – 2:00
Keep America Beautiful (KAB), the nation’s largest volunteer-based community improvement organization, announced the record-setting goal of recruiting 4 million volunteers to support its Great American Cleanup 2012 initiative – nearly a quarter million more volunteers tha...n last year.

Help us help KAB and Antioch in reaching this goal.

Join us on Saturday April 28th at Hickory Hollow Mall at 8 a.m. From there we will go in teams to all parts of our community on and around Bell Road from Nolensville to Murfreesboro Road. Volunteers are needed to pick up trash, pull weeds, and paint medians.

Spread the word about his event as hundreds of volunteers are needed to make this event a success!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Detailed Service Requests

Help us help you. When you turn a work order in, please be as specific as possible. If we receive a thorough work order, we can usually determine the problem without even looking at it. This ensures that we bring the proper parts and tools to repair the issue quickly.
Here are some things to note before calling the office.
Your air conditioning isn't working. Is there air blowing out of the vents, but the air isn't cold, or is there no air flow at all?
You have a leak from a sink or tub. Is it the faucet that's dripping when the water is turned off, or is something actually leaking. If it is a leak, where is it? Under the sink, at the base of the faucet, or from the vegetable sprayer?
You're calling in about your hot water. Do you have NO hot water, or does the hot water run out quickly?
Your garbage disposal isn't working. Is it clogged and the water won't do down? Is it humming, but the blade is not spinning? Or does nothing change when you flip the switch?
Something is wrong with your toilet. Is it clogged? Will it not fill back up with water? Does it not do anything at all when you push the handle?  Is the water filling up slow? Is it running constantly, or just randomly flushing when no one's around?
Finally, in our two and three bedrooms, everyone uses a different room as the "master bedroom." When you call in a work order for a bedroom or bathroom, please be specific and say if it's the first, second, or third, rather than using "the master" as a description.
Being detailed with the information given will make sure your problem is fixed promptly and will help us move onto the next issue.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cheap Apartment Gardening

I LOVE to garden, even though I’m not very good at it. I love to dig in the dirt, watch seeds sprout, pull weeds, and water my little babies. It’s one of the best forms of stress relief in my life. However, growing plants, flowers, fruits, or vegetables is often nearly impossible when you live in an apartment due to a lack of space and sometimes a lack of sunlight. I have scoured the web looking for ways to grow a garden with the conditions in which we live.

Herbs are awesome! Last year I grew basil, rosemary, chives, and sage. They all thrived on my shady balcony, and all but the basil survived the winter and are doing well.  This year I’m working on more basil (I saved last year’s seeds), thyme, cilantro, parsley, and dill.

Leafy greens are also supposed to do well with minimal sunlight. You could grow turnip greens, arugula, spinach or collard and mustard greens.

Root vegetables are also good for us. You could try garlic, beets, radishes, carrots, or small potatoes.

In regards to flowers, Impatiens love the shade…so much so that they took over my garden last year. You could also use Geranium, Columbine, Hosta, Begonia, Crocas, or Violas.

This is not exactly a cheap way to relieve your stress and add color to your balcony. Pots, dirt, seeds, plants, and food can all cost you a pretty hefty chunk and anyone can tell you that I am WAY to cheap for all that.

1.       Look around the apartment for unique items that could be used as planters. An empty coffee can or vegetable cans, chipped mugs, or old bowls are great for planting, and unique.
2.       Find Containers at thrift stores and on sale racks. You might find an old basket or a tin pail at a thrift store to be used. Or wait until after a holiday and grab all the clearance d├ęcor like small trash cans and coffee cups…just paint over the Christmas tree, pumpkin, or turkey.
3.       Choose Perennials that will come back each year.
4.       This is my favorite tip…collect free seeds! If you see a spent impatiens at a friend’s house, ask if you can pluck the seeds for yourself. I’ve got seeds that I’ve collected and reused for YEARS and YEARS! It’s much fun to collect and label these, and to give them away!

Good luck gardening! But be sure to keep up with our Facebook page for more tips, and maybe even some free plants!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Southeast Easter Event

Saturday March 31, 2012

10:00 am Gates open!
10:00 am Stage program begins with live entertainment                       
SEE Logo
10:30 am Characters arrive
10:45 am Entertainment on stage
11:00 am Recognition of special guests  
11:15 am 1st Egg Hunt (K and 1st grade)
11:30 am Entertainment on stage
12:00 pm Magic Act        
12:15 am 2nd Egg Hunt (4 and younger)                
    —Parents may accompany children 
12:30 pm Entertainment on stage
1:00 pm Entertainment on stage
1:15 pm 3rd Egg Hunt (2nd-4th grade)
1:30 pm Entertainment on stage
2:00 pm Announce big prize winners
2:00—3:30 Clean-up

About Us
What began as a small, community Easter egg hunt seven years ago by former Metro Nashville Public Schools board member Karen Johnson, has turned into the Southeast Easter Event (SEE) with over 3,000 in attendance last year.
Southeast Easter Event

A group of community leaders plan this all-day event that includes egg hunts for all ages, vendor booths, a character parade, live entertainment, inflatables and special prizes.

Leaders from our government, schools, churches and community come together to provide this fun day for the families in our growing multi-cultural community.

This year we have an emphasis on "Healthy Families" with free health screenings!

Special Prize Eggs
Hunters who received Prize Eggs
One of the draws for this event is that we always have special eggs which lead to bigger prizes, such as bicycles, gift baskets, and stuffed animals. We are always looking for companies and individuals to donate these items (or to cover the cost of purchase). Your company will be recognized on the coupon and through signage at the event for your gift. Call us if you have ideas regarding what you might be able to donate.

Sponsorships and Donations

Mayor Karl Dean

Being a sponsor or donating to the Southeast Easter Event (SEE) helps one of the most ethnically diverse communities in Nashville by offering a fun, wholesome, and cost effective way to entertain families in this area.

Over 73,000 persons live within a three mile radius of the part, with 38% being under 27 years of age.

Company sponsorship is an excellent way to promote your company in a community that is projected to grow at a rate of 5% between now and 2014.

Southeast Easter Event
Easter Bunny Photos

With many levels of sponsorship, there is a level sure to appeal to every company or organization.  Some perks to sponsorship include premiere naming rights for the event, corporate logos displayed on website, t-shirts, and school flyers that will go to 5,000 area homes, and much more!

If you are interested in sponsoring this unique opportunity to support this community, as well as to advertise your company or organization, then let us send you a corporate brochure outlining the various levels of sponsorship available.

For more information, please email southeasteasterevent@gmail.com or call Alma Sanford at 615-501-0641.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Box Tops For Education - A MUST!

If you pay attention to our facebook page then you already know about Box Tops for Education. But, for those of you who don't, and for the rest of you, here is your refresher course.
"Box Tops for Education has helped America’s schools earn over $400 million since 1996. You can earn cash for your child’s school by clipping Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating products. Box Tops also offers easy ways to earn even more cash for your school online."
Basically, each box top is worth $.10 to the redeeming school. Box Tops can be found on a ton of name brand products (see below).
Thurgood Marshall Middle School (our zoned middle school) has a goal of earning $1,000 or 10,000 BTFE this school year. To achieve this, every child needs to bring in nine box tops, or one each month. As of today, they have achieved barely 3% of their goal with only $31 having been earned. The school year is 3/4 of the way through, yet we're not even 1/4 closer to that $1,000!
To make it ridiculously simple for you to help with this program, we're willing to do almost all the work. All you have to do is cut the box tops out and send them to us.

Just try to find Box Tops that didn't expire six years ago

I'm not asking that you go out and buy a bunch of name brand products just for the sake of helping our poor, under funded schools. But, if you happen to have purchased products with a Box Tops For Education on them, clip them and send them in. That's it!
If you want to go a little farther with this program, you can sign up for several bonus and e-box tops on their website at BoxTopsForEducation.com. You can even earn those e-box tops by shopping online at several retailers that you're probably shopping at anyway.
Please, please, please don't throw away $.10. Put it into our community, our children, and their future.
The short list of BTFE products:
General Mills
Betty Crocker